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Luangwa Valley, Zambia

​All activities were carried out under the operational range of Caring for Conservation and Nsanga Conservation in Luambe National Park and surrounding communities in the Luangwa Valley:

  • Support in the coordination of a school painting using wildlife motives with children from a neighbouring community as part of their ongoing conservation education programme

  • Review of proposal for the management renewal and suggestions for improvement of a community campsite which should serve as an income source for community development, as well as meeting with the Chief of Chitungulu, the Community Ressource Board and campsite employees to develop an action plan for the campsite

  • Support in law enforcement patrols and recording of activities in EarthRanger​​

  • Review of the parks law enforcement operation system 

  • Preparation of an elephant catalogue for the Luambe population, which should be continuously updated throughout the years. The document contains photographs of 39 elephants highlighting characteristics such as ear notches and scars which allow the recognition of the individuals. 

  • Collection of water samples and setting up camera traps at waterholes for eDNA analysis in Luambe National Park and Lukusuzi National Park

  • Nocturnal survey of bushbabies using transect counts

  • Camera trap set up on behalf of Zambian Carnivore Programme

  • Giraffe survey on behalf of Giraffe Conservation Foundation

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