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Amakali Kalahari conservation landscape

Kalahari Region, Namibia

  • Two multiscalar field studies on black rhinos (habitat use analysis and assessment of carrying capacity) and one on the Angolan giraffe (habitat use analysis) following national and international guidelines

  • Coordination of field operations, anti-poaching, wildlife monitoring and tourism activities

  • Development and implementation of a nature-based solution that protects black rhinos and preserves ancient wildlife tracking skills, based on employing and training indigenous San people as rhino guards and guides, using a revenue-sharing model through ecotourism activities such as responsible rhino tracking excursions

  • Automated large game count of a wildlife reserve via drones and AI analysis

  • Presentations on conservation and wildlife research topics, content creation for social media, preparation of educational material and engagements with international partners

  • Ongoing support in setting up the organisation and developing a strategic plan

  • Scientific advice on black rhino population management

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