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Savannah sunset

'We will lose something deep within ourselves if we allow wilderness to be destroyed' — Dr. Ian Player


'Kaitiakitanga' (Māori term for nature conservation) 

Amakali Conservation envisions a world in which nature thrives in harmony with humanity, guided by the wisdom of indigenous knowledge and science-based practices, promoting stewardship of nature and safeguarding our precious ecosystems and biodiversity for future generations.
We believe in the value of nature for the benefit of people, species and the whole ecosystem by connecting landscapes and communities, driving sustainability, sharing knowledge and inspiring others.
Through our commitment to protecting wildlife and habitats, backed by science and research, we specialise in rewilding our planet and developing effective area-based conservation measures.


Keep up to date with the latest news from the field and learn more about our projects by reading our blog. We share experiences, insights and stories about our conservation journey to give you a better understanding of our work and its impact.

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